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Tele Business USA programs are custom built for each client. We work alongside you to define calling programs to increase sales, retain customers and provide a positive return on your investment. Most clients use a combination of these services to ensure that their sales teams have more time to close business, whether that be onsite, over the phone or over a cup of coffee.

Lead Generation

Drive more opportunities to your sales team with qualified leads and/or appointments.


Our tele-teaming sales approach allows for greater market penetration at a faster speed.

Account Management

Ensure that your current account base is continuing to provide revenue for your company.

Lead Nurturing

Ensure that your finite world of prospects is handled with care and relationships are built.

Direct Sales

Depending on ticket size, our team of US-based agents can help book sales.

Territory Management

Demographic analysis and mapping can enhance conversions and align better to your current sales team.

TBIZ allows salespeople to do what they do best: close on business
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