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Approach your target markets strategically.

When you work with Tele Business USA, you gain access to a marketing powerhouse. Our tele-teaming selling solution pairs one of our professional Corporate Communication Representatives (CCRs) with one or more of your field sales representatives. The benefit to this approach is that we can provide greater overall coverage in a territory, market, or sector.

It’s simple math – our CCRs can typically speak with 20-40 decision makers per day, compared to a field sales representative who may only meet with 3 to 5 per day. Using a tele-teaming sales approach, markets can be approached strategically, ensuring greater market penetration, minimizing sales costs and ultimately, maximizing revenues.

To implement this solution, Tele Business USA will work with you to evaluate your current sales methodology and suggest how we can best compliment your approach. We may suggest using our agents to qualify new business opportunities and/or set appointments for your field representatives. Or, we may suggest having our CCRs focus on smaller potential accounts where the cost of sending out a field sales representative is prohibitive. Perhaps we will be most-effective testing new markets that are unproven to determine if future dollars should be allocated to these markets.

The key to the success of this solution is the partnership. Our ability to penetrate markets quickly, effectively, and professionally will be harnessed to provide tangible results for your organization. Whether the goal is to generate incremental revenue from existing accounts, capture new customers, introduce a new product or service offering, or build customer loyalty, we have the skills and resources to partner with you to meet your revenue targets and lower your cost of sales.

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