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Scientific & Laboratories

Reach out to scientists with professionals that understand the market.

The scientific market is broad and dynamic. New technologies and products are introduced daily and organizations involved in research and development must stay abreast of new methodologies to be competitive. Scientists are making huge advances in both research labs as well as biotech, pharmaceutical and industrial environments. They need to have access to the latest instruments, resources and consumables. But how do companies effectively reach Principal Investigators, Lab Managers and researchers?

Tele Business USA has proven experience contacting decision-makers in the academic, pharmaceutical, industrial and government sectors. We understand their needs and know how to develop teleservices programs to address those needs and generate qualified leads for our clients.

Our experience in this sector is vast. From promoting instruments such as titrators, mass spectrometers, radioisotope imagers and water purification systems to consumables such as bottle top dispensers and LC and GC columns, we have the experience and expertise needed for success in this complex marketplace.

We will recommend the right approach to developing and implementing your program to maximize your ROI and capture valuable market research for future marketing initiatives. We will first develop a pilot program so that you can evaluate the success of our approach without a large investment. Keep in mind that over 95% of our pilot programs roll-out/expand to other projects, so you can be assured that you’re in capable hands!

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