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Publishing & Content Management

Expand your potential in the publishing and content management industry.

When it comes to the publishing industry, nobody can beat Tele Business USA. For over 30 years we’ve been the telemarketing pioneer in the educational, library, and professional publishing market. Some of the top publishers and content providers in the world rely on our expertise to sell their print, electronic, and online products to the market. 

Our strength is knowing not only HOW to market print/electronic products, but also WHEN to market them to the public, as well as educational, academic, and corporate customers. Knowing the best time of the year to solicit these institutions and when they have budget is half the battle.

Our data analysis component is just as important. We analyze demographics, annual budgets, geographic territory and a host of other metrics to ensure we’re targeting the institutions that are most likely to purchase your products. Calling the right institutions at the right time gives you the best chance for success.

Knowing who to call and when to call is a good start, but our expertise doesn’t end there. We are also intimately familiar with the sales process. We know that the sales cycle often requires several steps before a purchase order can be obtained. We give you, in advance, an accurate assessment of how well your products/services will be received by the market and a projection of the ROI that must be achieved to assure success.

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