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Lead Generation

Help your sales force spend more time prospecting.

Does your sales force complain that the marketing department isn’t providing enough leads? Or enough qualified leads? Would you like them to spend more of their time in front of qualified, interested decision makers closing more deals? Would it be easier to manage your business if you could predict the number of new business leads you will pass on to the field each week?

Tele Business USA is an expert in developing lead generation and appointment setting programs to increase your market penetration, improve your close rates, and drive more sales.

Let us work with you to target the best vertical markets and generate the highest quality leads possible. We will create customized call guides designed to promote your unique selling proposition to the market to build brand awareness and generate interest.

Our Corporate Communication Representatives (CCRs) are masters at engaging “suspects” and converting them to viable prospects. Through a thoughtful questioning/qualification process, we will locate those companies that have a valid interest in exploring your product or service, and take the time needed to thoroughly qualify each lead to ensure it meets your standards of a viable new business opportunity.

The process doesn’t end when we send over a qualified lead. We actively solicit your feedback on the quality of the lead, the potential size of the opportunity, and any additional qualitative information you can pass along to help us refine our process and continue to improve. Our “closed-loop tracking system” is a convenient tool in helping us communicate directly with your field sales force to get their feedback on the leads we provide. This open channel of communication allows us to continue to refine the lead generation process and ensure a successful outcome. It’s no surprise that our clients tell us that the quality of our leads far exceeds that of other teleservices companies.

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