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Banking & Financial Services

Earn a solid return for your efforts in the banking and financial services industry.

We have a team of nearly 100 tele-professionals with experience generating new business for banks and financial services institutions. Our team of financial services Corporate Communication Representatives (CCRs) have years of experience calling the small-to-medium business and commercial market to generate qualified new business opportunities for leading national and regional banking institutions in the United States and Canada. 

We know the difference between a line of credit, a term loan, and mezzanine financing and we can read a balance sheet.  Over the past 15 years we’ve been directly responsible for generating over three billion dollars in new business for our banking clients.

We have demonstrated success in virtually every aspect of business banking, including merchant services, asset-based lending, private clients’ group, deposits, cash management, sweep accounts, and commercial mortgages.  We “walk the walk” and “talk the talk.”

Let Tele Business USA suggest the right strategy for penetrating your target market and uncovering new business opportunities for your bankers.  We will set appointments with interested prospects to fill your new business pipeline, making your bankers more efficient than ever.  The result will be additional new customers, greater market penetration, and even more revenue.

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