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Benefit from 30 years of business experience.

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Experience. Expertise. Proven Results.

Tele Business USA is  the nation's leading provider of business-to-business telemarketing services for sales and account management programs. We provide our clients with the highest quality, professional communicators and proven processes to ensure the success of their outsourced telemarketing efforts.

Tele Business USA - About UsWe understand your challenges and the best way to partner with your company.  So we act as a seamless extension of your organization, providing you with a dedicated team of highly trained professionals that have the skills necessary for success.  No matter what your needs, our combination of elite communication professionals, proven telemarketing solutions, and ability to advance the sales process will result in increased revenues for your company. 

A Stable Choice in an Unstable Market.

We've been providing professional telemarketing services for over 30 years. Our longevity in business means that we've seen economic booms and recessions.  No matter what the economic conditions are, we have the expertise to help you navigate through the tough times and succeed in your marketing plans. 

We Don't Just Promise, We Deliver Results.

The bottom line is that we deliver results, and our clients remain loyal because of those results. And it all boils down to return on investment. We outline our goals with you before the first call is made so we know how success will measured. When we hit our goals, you win. Here are some of the Fortune 500 industries to which we've delivered unparalleled results:

  • Business Apparel and Facility Services

  • B2B Communications

  • Pharmaceuticals and Diagnostics

  • Medical Equipment & Devices

  • Office Supplies

  • Financial Services

  • Biotechnology

  • Shipping and Logistics Solutions

  • Health and Hygiene

  • Consumer Packaged Goods





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